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31 March 2023 (friday)

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Scary event in the FACES

On October 29 th got organised the traditional Halloween party which is implemented by the Children and Youth Student Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County and by the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space.

When the participants arrived, they could play a quiz in connection with the Halloween, then the Saturday 29 th game has started in that everybody got a card of a role. Based on that somebody somebody became innocent with some extra skill, or maybe somebody got the murderer’s role. At the end of the day the innocents found successfully the murderer’s person so they won.

During this time there were pumpkin carving where amazing creations born. Meanwhile in the whole night there were opportunity to see the horror room, for apple fishing also to look for different sweets and candies and of course to eat them. Then it was a Halloween party so naturally there was a costume competition too which’s winner got elected at the end of the program.

Thank you very much for our sponsors that they helped the implementation of the program. The Hova tűnt Sanyi? grocery store and breakfast and coffee shop with many candies and they supported our program with the coffee and lemonade coupons which can redeem in their shop. The Mező Csemege supported us with a lot of syrups and candies and lollipops. Thank you very much for the support!


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