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31 March 2023 (friday)

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Three escape rooms in one

On 5 th of December a class of the Arany János Secondary, Primary School and Dorm visited us for 3 free escape rooms, in the framework of the School Community Service Fair’s giveaway.

On 11 th of October in the framework of the School Community Service Fair which is organised in Nyíregyháza the youngsters could participate in a giveaway with a questionnaire where they could formulate that what activities they can participate at each organization. From each schools’ students who filled the questionnaire a youngster of the Arany János Secondary, Primary School became the winner. So, their won an escape room occasion for their class in our youth office. In reason if the class had 34 students, they got divided into 3 different escape rooms based on who liked each topic. The rooms’ topics were the horror, mafia and the mysterious attic.

In the horror escape room, the participants had to know the name and the method how they can free a little village from its demon which threatened it. On the mysterious attic the youngsters had to get know who was the mysterious prof. who made different experiments and he disappeared unexpectedly. In the mafia escape room, the students who got in a trap had to get out from the closed room before the rival mafia family closes the alcohol deal with the famous Al Capone. The teams were clever besides of the mafia room everybody could get out in time.

If you would like to try out any of our escape rooms then look for us on the email address or on the +36 30 903 6135 phone number or on our Facebook page through message. The participation prize is 500 Huf / person.


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