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Community Participation Strengthening capacity developer program

The Civilizáció coalition with the support of the Sigrid Rausing Trust announced a capacity developer program for Hungarian civil organizations to strengthen of settlements’ community participation and through this for the development of the civilian society.

The implementers of the program: Civilizáció coalition’s members, the Alternatív Közösségek Association (Debrecen), the Dialóg Association (Miskolc), the Emberiség Erejével Foundation (Pécs) and Motiváció Association (Szeged).

The program’s purpose: for the democratic operation of the settlements’ its essential to the civilians could participate in the formulating of common businesses. The civil organizations are able with their activator and mobilizer strength and with their extensive base for reach and involve the citizens. The purpose of the program is to introduce to the interested civil organizations’ representatives the community participation’s good practices and make enable them to implement projects based on the community’s participation on their own settlements. By this they get the opportunity to extend their own supporters list, strengthen and communicate about their represented businesses.

The participator civil organizations of the capacity developer program could get know and learn the community participation’s methods. Following this they could try out those in supported small projects. The first study trip was organised in Pécs where the representatives of the organizations could acquaint with each other. The whole program was introduced and we could get know a good practice which is the public opinion. The program’s essence is the participants can speak about an actual topic in an interactive way, they can know each other’s thoughts and debate with each other in this topic.


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