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31 March 2023 (friday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Escape rooms for Arany students again

On the 14th of December, students of the Arany János Secondary, Primary School and Dorm visited us to try out our escape rooms.

Because 33 students came to us, they participated in 3 different rooms these were: Disney, Mysterious Attic and the MARVEL. On the Mysterious Attic the youngsters had to find out who was that mysterious professor who did different experiments and then he lost. In the Disney room the participants had to free Mickey Mouse and his friends. In the world of the MARVEL the prime evil had to be defeated.

The youngsters were very clever because they got out in time from all of the three rooms successfully.

If you would try out any of our escape rooms, then get in contact with us via email or by the +36 30 903 6135 phone number or through on our Facebook page in a direct message. The price of the escape room is 500 Huf per person.


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