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24 April 2024 (wednesday)

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The HABIDISZ met with the SZAMEDT

On 2. January 2023 the Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County (HABIDISZ) visited the Szatmár Couty Hungarian Student Council (SZAMEDT). Thanks to the visit the older connection got renewed between each other.

On the second day of the year HABIDISZ started to go to Romania to Satu Mare where the SZAMEDT waited for them with much love. After the welcome they started the afternoon with some introducing games.

It was very cosy and exciting. Following this the student self-governments introduced to each other and presented themselves. In addition to the hot chocolates, they told to each other how their organizations are operates.

There were words about the programs, different traditionalist events and of course about their work. After these they went to have lunch together and as they were walking, they could see the streets of Satu Mare which the HABIDISZ liked a lot. The conversations couldn’t miss of course, youngsters could get deeply into the topics until they got to the restaurant.

Unfortunately, the time went away so fast, so after that only the farewell began on the way back.

Grateful thanks to the SZAMEDT for the great host and we hope that we can wait them back for the Enchanted Ebony II. County Student Ball!


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