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31 March 2023 (friday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

The School Community Service performer students did activities in December either

In the last month of the year four activities implemented in the framework of the Civilians of Debrecen Volunteer Program (DECI).

On 3 rd of December on Saturday we filled up the bird feeders of the Kartács street side of the Great Forest which we organized just like in the earlier winters.

On 6 th of December on Tuesday and on 8 th on Thursday we helped in two locations of the BTESZ Addicts’ Daily Institution in decoration of premises and the Christmas Tree which we performed with the residents together.

On 7 th of December on Wednesday we created Santa Claus decorations in the Szent Matróna Elders’ Home with the residents there.

Soon you will have the opportunity to do volunteering or perform School Community Service by the DECI. These activities could be waited for February. Until that the Audiobook and fairy tale read activities still available online.

In connection with this information contact us via email: or through phone 0630/718-8645, through Facebook and Instagram pages.


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