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22 September 2023 (friday)

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Murderer of the park – Premiere

On January 20 the Children and Youth Student Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County presented it’s first movie with the Murderer of the park title in the Community FACEs Youth Office and Community Space.

The plan of the movie has born 3 years ago, but its implementation began in the last one and a half year. This is the first movie of the life of the SZSZBGYIÖK so congratulations for this. The movie’s genre is somewhere at the criminal and comedy movies. After this the viewers could fill out a quiz plus with the bloopers montage the viewers could get know more about the difficulties of the preparation scenes behind the movie.

The SZSZBGYIÖK donated the received money from the tickets to the Periféria Association.

Thank you very much for our sponsors for the popcorn and soft drinks to the program.

Our partners:
Vámos-Oláh Mezőgazdasági és Iparcikk Üzletház (Kállósemjén – Kossuth st 77.)
Hova tűnt Sanyi? (Nyíregyháza – Hatzel sqr 1.)
Corner Csemege (Nyíregyháza – Garázs sor, Szalag st.)

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