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4026 Debrecen, Péterfia street 18. (Debrecen Plaza I. floor)
4400 Nyíregyháza, Bocskai street 25.
5000 Szolnok, Ady Endre street 28/A (Szolnok Plaza I. floor)
5300 Karcag, Városudvar 1.
15 June 2024 (saturday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

We held a welcome party for our new volunteers in Nyíregyháza

Traditionally we held a welcome party for our two new ESC volunteers of Nyíregyháza. In framework of this the youngsters could get acquainted with our community’s members and reverse.

On 24 th of January on Tuesday happened a program where 18 youngsters participated. From our kind partner 5 ESC volunteers of the Mustárház came. On the event we got know each other’s name also we had to repeat a few names. After this we played different games where in we could know more about the new youngsters’ habits with the help of a boardgame. Then the youngsters divided t groups and they spoke about different topics with our community’s new members. After the games we gifted them with an association mug and with t-shirt. After this the participants had the opportunity to talk with each other play together and get know each other more unboundedly.

Based on the feedbacks everybody felt good themselves on the program. We wish to Teresa and Pierre a lot of luck during their volunteer activities here at us!


Jelentkezz hozzánk Te is! Nyereményjáték