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24 July 2024 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

MIDÖK Semester starter General Meeting

The Miskolc City Student Self-Government (MIDÖK) organised on 25.01.2023 it’s semester starter General Meeting, which for the Herman Ottó Secondary School gave the venue.

On this event 54 students represented their schools, who came from 21 schools from 5 primary schools and 16 secondary schools.

In the first half of the General Meeting the Centre Youth Association introduced itself and presented its opportunities. In the second half the member of the board introduced themselves in short and they told what they are dealing with what are their main tasks. After this they briefed their implemented programs and they have spoken about planned programs too.

After this they prepared with some joyful games to get know more the attended people and tune to the staff meeting after the General meeting.


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