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15 June 2024 (saturday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

First county forum in Debrecen

We held the first county forum of 2023 in February. In the usual way the colleagues sit together to speak about the things happened also the next time period’s position and tasks.

After this we continued the program with our volunteers together. Because we are at he beginning of the year, so this day was about planning of 2023 but mostly about the tuning to the work the beginner momentum and getting motivation was all about. For this firstly we asked joyful games as help.

Among other things the Association’s boardgames of 2023 got created by ESC volunteers, student government leaders also by the colleagues. As a derivation the team chose the DIXIT game.

This is how our first forum went, in a good mood, charged with every good thing for the next year’s work.


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