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8 December 2023 (friday)

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II. County Youth Ball

On 25 th of February the II. County Youth Ball got organised by the Children and Youth Student Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County (SZSZBGYIÖK) and the Centre Youth Association in the Alvégesi Cultural House.

A lot of planning and negotiations were before the implementation of the II. County Youth Ball but all of these worth it because on February 25. we could spend a fantastic night with more than 100 people. Fantastic food, wonderful decorations, quality raffle prizes and unclouded fun characterised the night. Thank you very much for our supporters, because without them the event couldn’t happen. Thank you for the venuefoor they were at our disposal all the time. Also not at least we would like to thank to everybody who had come to the Ball.

Our supporters were:
Luther Tea House
Korona Jewellery
Hegyikristály mineral shop
Apacs Jewellery
Bíborka Shop and Workshop
Kedves Palacsinta
Cvekedli Pasta Bar
Ázsia ABC
Hotel Pagony
Nádas Hajnalka
Mamma Mia
Némó Díszállat Szaküzlet és Állateledel Bolt,
Háztartási és Vegyiáru Shop
Volyák Machine embroidery studio
DeMo Gifts
Kincses Kamra
Vámos-Oláh Ltd.
Fremont Ltd.
Léta Trans Ltd.
Dragée Ltd.
Móricz Zsigmond Theatre

The organisers could take a great offer, because the money which gathered from the raffle, they offered again to the Hungarian Red Cross.

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