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15 June 2024 (saturday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Escape rooms in the Erzsébet camp in Nyírpazony

Our association has organized 2 sessions of the Elisabeth Camp for the students of the Színi Károly Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School in Nyírpazony.

Firstly on 26 June and then on 03 July we provided our free room service to the primary school in Nyírpazony.

On both occasions, we installed 3 rooms, Disney, MARVEL and Mystery Attic in June and Disney, Harry Potter and Horror in July. On each occasion, the children had to work together to solve different logical problems, some easier, some harder, and to solve various quizzes related to the theme, such as story quizzes. In each room, the children were very active and interested, and in each case they solved the problems with a little help and got out of the room. Their reward, in addition to the glory, was a souvenir sheet as a bonus. In total, about 260 people participated in the two sessions.

If you would like to try any of our escape rooms, please contact us at or by phone +36 30 903 6135 or by messaging us via our Facebook page. The participation fee for the free rooms is 1.000 HUF/person.


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