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Fellowship of Students’ Self-Government in Hajdú-Bihar County

History, Aims:

The Fellowship of Students’ Self-Government in Hadjú-Bihar County (we use the abbreviation HABIDISZ) was founded in 2003 during the traditionally organised Eötvös Days, as an informal group. The HABIDISZ had the aim to make colourful programs in the county with the Summer Youth Festival, they wanted to support the students’ self-governments in the secondary school of the county (for example with trainings, and found raising), they wanted to launch cooperation over the border and to get involved in the international youth life.

The countywide Summer Youth Festival was already realised in 2003 in the year when the fellowship was founded, with the involvement of six cities. They were Berettyóújfalu, Balmazújváros, Hajdúszoboszló, Hajdúböszörmény, Hajdúhadház, Debrecen. The local programs and program types were shaped by the students’ self-government or self-governments of the city. This is how the Sports Day of Berettyóújfalu or the Bath Day of Hajdúszoboszló came to life. Of course the thematic days could be formed in each year and could be changed inside given boarder lines. The Summer Youth Festival became more colourful and it was enlarged each year. The main aim was that each settlement in the county that has a secondary school should be involved and should have a program during the festival, and in each year the organisation got closer to this goal. It is also an important aim for the HABIDISZ that through the cooperation with the local students’ self-governments the ideas of schools and students should have maximum priority in the realization of the program.

The training program is related to this as well. We offer this to the schools and professionally well trained adult helpers can give a free training among many others in found raising, team building, project management, etc.

It is important we mention our relationships outside the borders. We have the best relationship in Romania, in Transylvania, in Nagyvárad. With the Council of the Associations of Hungarian Secondary Schools (abbreviation MAKET) and with their countrywide organisation MAKOSZ we have a very good relationship since 2004. Many programs have been realised ever since on both sides of the boarder. Such an example is the Meeting of Bihar-Bihor and it’s mirror program on the other side of the boarder. During the Summer Youth Festivals we always have kids from Transylvania, who take part in the programs.

The HABIDISZ has already represented young people in different international summer conferences and platform cams organised by the EFYSO (European Federation of Youth Service Organisation). 11 students represented Hungary and Hajdú-Bihar county in Poland in 2005, 6 people were there in Vienna 2006, and in 2007 we organised the summer conference in Debrecen. Our students have been in several platform camps from Strasburg to Luxemburg, from Poland to Finland, from Hortobágy to Hajdúnánás. We participated in arts camp, sports camp, human rights conference, camp about environmental protection.
In 2012 our students were to Poland, Romania, Serbia through a media project and participated in different international programmes.

There are a lot of program which have to be organized by DÖK of the county.(it is an organisation which contains students).They have set up numerous programs from the Christmas Sportsday of the County through the clubs of disceptation, Forum of Students of the County to the Youth Festival in Summer.

The HABIDISZ would like to keep up the good relationship with the schools students’ self-governments as they are essential part of its’ work, and this organisation is truly for the young people it can oly operate with them and by them.

The current management of HABIDISZ:
- Karolina Gudor - President
- Dóra Cserta - Vice-president
- Eszter Földi - Program coordinator
- Krisztofer Czeglédi - External relations coordinator
- Orsolya Fenyvesi - HR coordinator
- Viktória Lázár - PR coordinator


General Student assemblies reguraly
Christmas Sportdays of the County
Student Forum of the County
Summer Youth Festival


Gudor Karolina - youth leader – president of HABIDISZ
Telefon: +36 20 231 4060

Bálega János - strategy and county leader
Telefon: +36 30 718 8649

Bokor Tünde - Hajdú-Bihar county’s workgroup coordinator
Telefon: +36 30 579 8676

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