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21 January 2021 (thursday)

Genius Club Talent program

History, Aims:

“The talent is a gift, but you have to work for the success. We help in it.”

The Genius Club started to work in 2008, in Hajdúböszörmény, where we wanted a clubhouse for the local youth, in Fürdőkert. Unfortunately, it can’t work anymore because of the reorganizations.

But this reorganization opened a lot more possibility in the life of the Club, because we had created a new program by the second half of 2009.

The Club’s main task is the talent maintenance, and they help those people, who functions in the artistic area. Our task is to help them, not to lose their talent, and find forums and places where they can practice or improve this. Our other aim is to provide possibilities where they can show this to others. We offer chances to get positive feedback or even become admitted artists.

Our aim system is from age 14 to age 30, in the North-Plain region.

The program’s tasks are not only the talent search and their mentoring, they contacting with cultural institutions where the Talents can show their ability. They are a so called relay system. They are continuously organizing the Tehetségkavalkád in Debrecena and in Nyíregyháza too, and the Diáktárlat always organizes exhibitions for the youth.

Of course they have own programs, were the youth can unfold. Because the Fund and the connecting informal groups are also give chance to introduce themselves. In the future it will operate more “clubs” where youth can meet each other, and exchange ideas and experiences. These “clubs” could be open for everyone, so not just to the artist, but those too, who wants to meet the artists. So the artists could motivate the others.

In the Club, they use to follow-up, because, the pupils of the Genius Club are become recognized by the audience.

The Genius Club helps to the dreams come true. We did the first step. It is YOUR turn.


Talent Festival
Student Exhibation


Szakady Kincső - Leader of the office workgroup
Telefon: +36305798676

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