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12 April 2021 (monday)

Children and Youth Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County

History, Aims:

The main reason why this organisation came alive is to help students and the adults who want to give a hand to them. Our purpose is to represent the conatus of the students and help the conformation of the politics of the students. Furthermore keep in touch with international, national, regional and district organizations to liaise with internal conciliation mechanism built in the to represent youth interests. Organizing, promoting and conducting cultural, recreational and sport activities. Providing the culture to the young talents. Preserving our heritage and creation to the youngsters with co-organisations. Effective education and propaganda to continue teaching the youth to: culture, leisure, sports, holiday programs, casual employment. The importance of the role that the GYIÖK works as an information base because it lets the youngster s know what programs or happenings are going on in the life of the self-government of the students and it ensures students about working. In county level we are in connection with 63 high schools.
Around clusters of activities:

- Helping the self-governments of students int he county. For instance: configurations in the schools, giving a hand in organizating school programs.
- Making connection between the DÖKs (self-government of students)
- Youth configurations, arranging meetings
- Opportunities of youngsters in an inertational level

The organisation developed on 17 mai 2007 and was active during this two years. Becuase after the formation and getting members it started to make the Student Parliament of the county which was a very useful configuration int he life of schools. The organisation made an outstandig programme in 2008. called Students Week which inculded almost 100 youngsters. In addition to the professional events in the County the organisation puts a great emphasis on charitable activities, the promotion of voluntary activities and the members also take part in these programmes too. Among these the Fuss a Fényben Családi és Sportap was outstanding which is a really important event of the GYIÖK. Voluntary activities, Sportsday of the County, are also included in the annual programme of the training.

The current management of SZSZBGYIÖK:
- Anett Fórizs - President
- Noémi Ecsedi - Vice-president
- Fodor Menta Dorka - External relations coordinator
- Emese Kocsán - PR coordinator
- Zoltán Gergő Ésik- Program coordinator
- Krisztián Kiss - HR coordinator


General Assemblies organized for the representatives of the student self-government
Studentparliament of the County
Sportsday of the County
Run int he Light Sport and Family day


Fórizs Anett - youth leader – president of SZSZBGYIÖK
Telefon: +36 31 780 5466

Árva Tímea - Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county’s workgroup leader
Telefon: +36 30 718 8643

Venkli Virág - Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county’s workgroup coordinator
Telefon: +36 30 718 8645

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