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28 May 2020 (thursday)

History, Aims:

History, goals:
The Government of Karcag City asked the CENTRE Youth Association to be the professional help of the Student Self-Government of Karcag City.
The city SSG originally was created in 23th of May 2013 thanks to a project with the support of CENTRE Youth Association. In this process, we gave impetus again at the beginning of the 2017 school year.
The city government found it important to improve the Student Self-government, because of the advocacy of the students

In 1st of February 2018. between 2:00pm-4:00pm the General Assembly of the Student Self-Government of Karcag was held, where every school of the city of Karcag presented their student representative.

Fort the 5 leadership positions of the Student Self-Government the next students had been elected:
- Csenge Dobrai - President
- Patrik Baráth Lukács - Vice-president
- Zsolt Baga - Vice-president
- Alfonz Kiss - Vice-president
- Márk Hangyási - Vice-president



Venkli Virág - co-workers
Telefon: +36307188645

Bálega János - strategic leader
Telefon: +36307188649

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