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Miskolc City Student Self-Government

History, Aims:

Municipality of Miskolc County City would to pay special attention to the youth living in the city, to the youth of Miskolc because the future of the city depends a lot about young people chooses Miskolc later in purpose of higher education or settling there. All of this is defining the future of the city, the evolution of its demographic situation, economic subsistence. So, the future of youth of Miskolc is closely intertwined with the future of the city.

The long-term purpose of the city is strengthening the local patriotism, coordination of different services, increase the number of the spent years in Miskolc, maintenance the youth friendly cultural life. It made opportunity for that to bring back to the life the dying institution of the City Student Self-Government (MIDÖK). In 2021 August we organised a camp for the school student government leaders and members where they participated in professional training and team builder programs, thereby creating the foundations of the city councils later. In which even then the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association was our professional partner.

In September students met again in an expanded circle when they created together the City Student Self-Governments’ Organizational and Operational Regulations.

In October the first board meeting happened, where the delegates of the Miskolc schools approved and authenticated with their signatures the City Student Self-Government’s agreement and they could elect the board’s president and its 5 members presidency.

In the presidency got their own seats mixed from primary school, secondary school, vocational schools’ girls and boys equally. The elected delegates won their mandates for one year. The purpose of the corps in addition to many is to support the information flow among the city’s primary and secondary schools, inform students and student government work helper teachers about matters affecting them. representing the interests of primary and secondary school students at the city level, handling student rights problems at the city level.

These are among their plans to organise, plan, implement free time and cultural programs also initiate, extend, coordinate county, regional and country level external connections. Miskolc City Student Self-Government’ professional, financial, lawful support organised by the Municipality of Miskolc County City.

In 2021 a community builder event implemented an Ice Age Disco which was an acquaint and entertainment opportunity for all of the students in Miskolc. The decoration of the Miskolc City

Youth’s Christmas Tree’s has implemented either at the main square of the city, which for the student corporation provided decoration materials for the schools’ students who were MIDÖK members at the time.

Currently 26 schools are members of the MIDÖK but this number is continuously growing. All of these are shows that the students who are learning in the city sees the positive changes and they declare their intentions to join to a well operating community.

The management of the city takes excessively seriously the student syndicate, this is why the president of MIDÖK and the elected Student Mayor participate with the right of consultation in the City general meetings also at the committee meetings where on the participants of these meetings are negotiating topics which affects the students of Miskolc.

Furthermore, both the president of MIDÖK and the student major got place in the Miskolc City Youth Council and in the Youth Cabinet either. Because to get know the youth’s interests and suggestions in the preparation of the decisions which affects them is essential. In the close cooperation with the MIDÖK we wish to expand the number of those opportunities which are providing that the youth of Miskolc stays in the city and settle down here, start a family, in addition to it the city could offer charming life place for the surrounding settlements.

The last event with a great success was the City Student Ball in 2022 already.

Youth leaders of MIDÖK:
- Patrik Norbert Kovács
- Zsófa Bodnár
- Bence Fűtő
- Dárius Lipták
- Péter Szabó
- Tamás Tarbaj


Wardrobe fair
Ice Age Disco
City Student Ball


Kovács Patrik Norbert - youth leader

Korláth Márk - co-worker
Telefon: +36 30 296 2979

Bálega János - strategy and county leader
Telefon: +36 30 718 8649

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