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Civilians of Debrecen Volunteer Programme

History, Aims:

At the beginning, the program was just a group of volunteers in January 2006, but after September
2008 it works with modified aims and methods, it became open for everyone by this time.

The goal of the program is to ensure opportunity to the students of Debrecen and Hajdú Bihar county
to have some experiences in voluntary works. We receive volunteers one or more times, who want
to try their skills in charity and want to improve themselves among informal conditions.

The speciality of the program is that the coordinators of the program ensure professional
background beside the voluntary work. work The volunteers participate a training before the work,
this is followed by a summary lesson where we help to understand everything through discussions
for who wants to participate the progam for a longer term. It’s important for us that the volunteers
have this experience among protected conditions.

Our approach consists that everyone have to gain the experience of giving help, because it’s a
mutual thing. The participants of the program - active volunteers or occasional joiners – can have a
lot of new experinces, they can explore new abilities of themselves. We1re trying hard to give our
volunteers a basic approach or helping them to find their own.

„…the refugees are want to learn indeed. Lots of them are attending to the hungarian language class
what we took in english and the only problem mostly was that we (teachers) were few in number or
1 or 2 more lessons would be better. I had a student who learned the themes earlier than the others
but he attended to our class just like the others. Many of them really enjoyed learning hungarian
particularly when new students came to the class and we had to start again learning the abc.” Noémi
Vincze – volunteer in a refugee camp

Conditions: antecedent training and summary lesson after the work.

Connecting to the programs is continous, that gives a tryout for the youth and don’t become an
obligation for them


The program offers opportunities for voluntary works in this institutes:

- DMJV Reménysugár Children Home: teaching children in Children’s Home

-DMJV Temporary House of Families: playing with the children, handicrafts

- Institute for Deaf People: sport classes (football, volleyball)

- Animal shelter – Debrecen: walking dogs

- DMJV Home for the Elderly: talking with old people, board games, card games, handicrafts

- Gyula Szávay Home for Elderly : talking with old people, board games, card games, handicrafts

- DMK- Community House of Újkert : helping in different types of events


Venkli Virág - coworker
Telefon: +36 30 718 8645

Bálega János - strategy and youth network leader
Telefon: +36 30 718 8649

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