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About the Genius Club Program:

History, Aim:

“Talent is a gift, but we have to work for success. We help in it.”

The Genius Club started to work in Hajdúböszörmény. In Fürdőkert (Bath Garden) we planned to run a club, with office and community space for young people and with young people, unfortunately because of future reorganizations we could not maintain it any longer.

On the other hand this situation opened up a whole new range of possibilities in the life of the Club, as by the second half of 2009 we built a program around it.

This is how providing support for talented young people became the main goal of the club. We mean by this the support and help for talented young people who work in one or other field of arts. For example: singing, dancing, painting, etc. Our task is to help them not to loose their talent, to find such opportunities for them where they can show themselves, where they can practice and improve their knowledge. The other important aim is to give them a chance to show themselves or their works of art to the wider public. We give them the opportunity to be successful and perhaps to become well known artists.

Our target group contains those between the age of 14 and 30 in the North-Plain Region.

The aim of the program is not only to find talented young people and give a kind of mentoring for them, but also to get in touch with such places and institutions that would be willing to accept these talented people, who can provide space and chances for the Club’s talents to appear in front of a bigger audience. So we do a kind of mediating work as well.

Of course several of our own programs can provide chances for these talented kids. As the programs of the Association and of the related informal groups provide such chances for introduction. We would like to run smaller “clubs” in the future where these kids can come together talk, and exchange their experiences and knowledge. These programs are of course open towards those as well who are not involved in arts, but would like to get to know these young artist a little bit better. This can motivate them in the future to discover their own hidden talents.

It is very important in the club that we do follow ups, as the Genius Club is proud to the talents that grew out from under its’ wings and became widely know artists.

Genius Club helps you to make your dream come true! We did the first step! Now it’s your turn!


Tímea Árva – program coordinator
Phone: +36/30-718-86-43

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