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20 April 2018 (friday)

About the Children and Youth Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County (GYIÖK):

History, Aims:

It was funded in 2007 with the aim of providing support for the students’ self-government operating in the county and to those teachers and adults who help them. Our aim is to take part in the shaping of the county’s youth policy in cooperation with other local youth organisations, and to represent the interests of the county’s youth in different forums. Keeping in touch with international, national, regional and local organisations, and with the building up of the membership to have an inner forum where we can discuss the different interests, and with the help of this to express and represent the interests of the youth of our county. To support, organise and manage cultural, free time and sport programs. One of our tasks is to provide a chance to talented young people on the field of public life. Another important task is besides the safekeeping and creating of traditions to keep in touch with other non-profit organisations working is similar fields. We give information and have preventive propaganda in different issues that can come up in the life of young people like, culture, free time, sport, free time activities, temporary employment, health. The information-transmitting role of GYIÖK is very important as we continuously give information to school about the actual programs, happenings of the lives of the students’ self-government on a wider scale, and we also provide professional help. On a countywide level we have connections with 63 secondary schools. Our work is centred on this

  • To provide professional support for the students’ self-government operating in the country and their adult helpers, for example thematic trainings held in schools, to give a helping hand in the schools own program.
  • To generate cooperation between students’ self-governments.
  • To organise trainings and meetings for young people as our own program.
  • To provide chances for young people on an international level.

Since its’ founding 17th May 2007 the organisation was very active, after recruitment we started to organise the Students’ Parliament of the County that turned out to be a very useful training in the life of schools.

The outstanding program of the organisation was in 2008 the organising of the 5th National Students week. This jubilee program involved more than 100 students on a national level.

Besides these profession related programs the GYÖK puts a big emphasis on creative activities, to make volunteering more popular, and its’ members take part in several such programs. For example they are regular volunteers in the Playhouse made for the children in Jósa András County Hospital.


Gergő Barna – head, his task is to lead the GYIÖK
Kitti Alexa – deputy head responsible for program organising, her task is to coordinate the programs organised by the GYIÖK


20th April 2010 (Saturday) – Nyíregyháza, Sóstói Stadium
Run in the Light! Running Gala and Family Day

19th - 21st April 2010 – Nyíregyháza
2nd Regional Youth Meeting

28th April 2010 (Wednesday) – Fehérgyarmat
1st Students’ Sports Day of the County

17th May 2010 (Monday) – Nyíregyháza
Year closing general assembly and meeting for teachers supporting the students’ self-government


Gergő Barna - GYIÖK president
Phone: +36-30/718-86-23

Anikó Szabó - general acting president

Ágnes Huczman – youth supporter
Phone: +36-30/718-86-51

Tímea Petrik – youth supporter
Phone: +36-30/718-86-56

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