Address: 4030 Debrecen, Erdei Ferenc street 16.
Phone: +36 30 277 4696 every day between 10-17 hours
4026 Debrecen, Péterfia street 18. (Debrecen Plaza I. floor)
4400 Nyíregyháza, Bocskai street 25.
5000 Szolnok, Ady Endre street 28/A (Szolnok Plaza I. floor)
5300 Karcag, Városudvar 1.
14 June 2021 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Creative workshop – where we help you realize our ideas!

Would you like to make unique gift for your family, friends and loved ones? We help you in this! Here at the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association, you can make a mug and badge with a unique inscription, pattern, after consultation. Also, we help you to the making of creative materials, posters, postcards, certificates, yearbooks.

Our Another volunteer became the Volunteer of the Week in the ÖMÉ

2021 is the Hungarian Year of Volunteering. The event sequence’s not secret purpose is, to acknowledge those people’s work, who are working as volunteers. They help without regretting their knowledge and time, to make their environment better. This is why the Volunteer of the Week series have launched.

Playfully at the Dorkász Service

On 29 th of May we helped again at the Dorkász Service, in total 7 of us we participated in the reviewing and sorting donations.

The escape room’s possibility is relaunching in the FACE-ek

Would you like to try out what an experience can it be to get out of an escape room with your partner, friends together?! At us you can find out and all this completely for free. In the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space awaits again the applications of the teams for its constant program.

Kertmozi in the FACE-ek

Who loves to watch movies and would like to do it in a good company, this is the place for them at us. In the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space’s organizing our Garden Cinema Kertmozi is launching, which is open every week in the summer for the interested people.

Debate club in the case of homeless

Are you interested in the fate of the homeless?
Would you like to share you own arguments on this topic?
Then here is the opportunity, to unfold yourself in this topic in the framework of a DEBATE CLUB.

The Karcag City Student Self-Government visits to schools

The Karcag City Student Government was able to organize fewer programs and finish fewer initiatives during the virus situation. Because of this since the reopening of the schools one of its main purpose is the boosting and colorizing the student life.

We walked dogs again

On May 22. on Saturday, we visited again the “Együtt az Állatokért” Animal Welfare Public Benefit Association.

Delegates' meeting of the National Youth Council was organized

On 22. May 2021. in The European Youth Centre in Budapest were organized the year’s first offline delegates’ meeting of the National Youth Council.

Our first film club of the year were implemented in the Tisza Cinema

After a long time, on May 21, Friday afternoon, accompanied by popcorn, cola, good mood and excited anticipation, the long-awaited, which can tell a traditional program, film club was organized by the JNSZDÖK.

Staff recruiter afternoon with the HABIDISZ

On 20. of May, on Thursday the management of the 2021/2022 HABIDISZ held their first own program.

SZSZBGYIÖK staff meeting were implemented

The newly elected management’s first staff meeting started in an entertaining mood.

Student Government starter training in 2021 as well

Between 14 and 16 of May four student governments’ board members were participate in the traditional year starter training in the Székács Elemér Calvinistic Secondary School and Dormitory, in the organization of our Association.

The first offline program of the National Youth Council this year has been implemented

Between 14 and 16 of May 2021 was organized the spring community training of the National Youth Council.

Handcraft occupation in the Reménysugár Orphanage

On a sunny Saturday the ESC volunteers of Debrecen and two students held a handcraft occupation in the Reménysugár orphanage.

Furniture assembly in the MALTER Coffeeshop

On a little gloomy, windy Friday afternoon 2 ESC volunteers, also some school community service performer students helped to the coffee shop called MALTER to assemble some furniture.

Once again, an exciting coordinator meeting were implemented in Nyíregyháza

In the usual way, we have kept the coordinator meeting which is on a monthly basis for our young volunteers of European Solidarity Corps. The purpose of the coordinator meeting is to look back to the last month’s activities and do planning for the future in a 4 hours long meeting. Also, this meeting is also suitable for that to the volunteers could take part in trainings to build a team, improve their language skills, and step out from their comfort zone and try out themselves in new and interesting things from month to month.

The year has been closed for our youth leaders

Also, this year we have organized a Closing Training for our mandate finisher youth leaders between May 8-9. The Closing Training is an already traditional occasion, where they can tell all of their experiences for our Association and for each other. A lot of laugh, a lot of nostalgic moment and some tears characterised this year’s training.

Again at the animal shelter

On the previous Saturday, after a month of skipping, we were able to visit the “Together for Animals” Animal Welfare Public Benefit Association again.

Our ESC volunteers’ meeting in Nyíregyháza

On 3. May 2021. were organize the event which is waited by some people, the ESC day, whenever our volunteers in the three counties could spend a day together in our office of Nyíregyháza, which day was only about them.

The Menedékház Foundation ESC volunteers in Szolnok

On April 27 the volunteers of Menedékház Foundation (Budapest) are visited Szolnok the Color Space Youth Office and Community Space.

The Menedékház Foundation’s ESC volunteers in Nyíregyháza

The Menedékház Foundation’s volunteers and their coordinator visited Nyíregyháza on April 26 the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space where they spent a full day with our Hungarian-speaking volunteers in Nyíregyháza.

We got richer with an event tent

Our Association received thankfully the Expodom Ltd.’s ( offering which facilitates the organizing of the outdoor events. Thanks for the quick-folding pavilion the unexpected weather conditions aren’t inhibits our programs implementation.

Exchange of views and quiz about the renewable energy

On 23th of April afternoon with starting at 4 o’clock in the framework of the ÖMÉ environment protection week the ESC volunteers of Szolnok organized a short, online, quiz-related, informative event called Renewable energy.

Think for our Earth roundtable conversation

The Debrecen ESC volunteer girls, on 22th of April on the Earth day, with the title of Think for our Earth they organized an online roundtable conversation on the environmental protection week in the framework of the ÖMÉ.

The Garbage collection in the Pallag forest

Luckily for us, the last week’s Saturday was rainless, so a couple of us we were able to go out into the woods of Pallag and we could gather the peoples’ thrown garbage.

Clean up the Tisza! Garbage collection action in Szolnok

Our ESC volunteers of Szolnok and IKSZ youngsters in 18 th of April (Sunday) participated in a large-scale event in the Clean up the Tisza! garbage collector action, which was organized by the NHSZ.

Hungarian Year of Volunteering

We celebrate The Hungarian Year of Volunteering (ÖMÉ) in 2021 which is consists of four thematical weeks and our Association also joins to this initiative.

Regarding to our 20th birthday – Interview with Magdalena Mroczka-val

We did an interview with a former EVS volunteer of our Association, who spent 1 year at the Association as a volunteer. In the interview which is made with Magdalena Mroczka we can gain insight deeper to the beauty of the foreign volunteering and its mysteries, also we can know that, how a former volunteer of ours sees the Centre. In the future we will do interviews with more Centre people. Read those too then.

Volunteer of the Week in the Year of Volunteering Hungary

2021 is the Volunteering year of Hungary. This sequence of events’ not secret goal is to acknowledge those people’s work, who works as a volunteer. They are helping without holding back their knowledge and time, and make their environment better. That’s way the Volunteer of the Week series was launched.

“IMAGINE FOR OUR EARTH” online round table conversation

Are you interested in the environment protection? Would you like to meet with similar people like you? To talk and exchange views about the topic? Then here is your place and sign up to our program. With the title “IMAGINE FOR OUR EARTH” will be organized a great online round table conversation on 22th of April 2021 on Earth Day.

European Charlemagne Youth Prize national winner project

With the International Charlemagne Prize Foundation in Aachen, the European Parliament has launched a call for young people living in any EU Member States to submit a project run by and / or for young people that contributes to the development of Europe.

Streets of Debrecen Photo competition

The Centre Youth Association’s two volunteers in Debrecen, Tímea Csortán and Tímea Kiss turned to the secondary school students with a very creative idea. This idea was a photo competition, the purpose of the volunteers with this was to move out the youngsters and unleash their creativity, all of this in that way they had to take a picture about the streets and squares of Debrecen in addition a potato had to be in the photo.

Collecting the bird feeders around the Békás Lake

In Saturday morning with some volunteers, we went to the Békás Lake again, but this time our task was to collect the bird feeders.

The JNSZDÖK held its last board meeting

For the JNSZDÖK were implemented the last board meeting, because the actual board members’ mandatory expired. Most of the resigning board members will run again in the April election, so the farewell wasn’t so “final”, but in the closing board occasion there were some, who dropped some tears down, of course the reason for this was more the happiness, the recalling of the good memories rather than sadness.

Closing staff member meeting were organized in the life of the HABIDISZ

The HABIDISZ held their closing staff meeting due to the circumstances held in the online space, but the enthusiastic staff members still participated in large numbers in this way too in the program.

Be you the next county or city DÖK youth leader!

The four student governments that have helped with the professional, legal and financial support of the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association are looking for new leaders. With the end of March, the previous board members’ one year mandatory expires. Karcag City Student Self-Government, the Children and Youth Student Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, and the Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County, and the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Student Self-Government looks for the student leaders for the next year. If you feel in yourself some commitment, courage, then apply you can do it until 25 of March!

National Student Government Meeting implemented in the online space

On Saturday, March 20, the National Student Government Meeting organized by the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Student Government was held online, where youth leaders from all over the country were present from Debrecen to Szombathely.

For a while we visited the animal shelter’s residents

Last Saturday we visited the Together for Animals Association (animal shelter) in Debrecen again with our secondary school volunteers to love the animals who living there. The cold breeze in the morning decreased when we got out, we even had a good weather in the morning.

Dog walker volunteers and students in Nyíregyháza

On Saturday morning, ESC volunteer girls from Nyíregyháza and School Community Service performer students woke up to a cool but brighter sunny day who visited the Állatbarát Foundation.

ESC volunteers of Szolnok at the Red Cross blood donation

The Red Cross organized a blood donation on 11 th of March. The new location was the VOKE House of Culture. Our ESC volunteers are helped in the Red Cross’s blood donation’s preparation and packing away the things.

A playful KVDÖK staff meeting happened

The board members of the KVDÖK consider it important in the virus situation too, that keep the connection with staff members, so on 11 th of March the have organized a playful team building, where the interested youngsters could try themselves in a Disney-Pixar quiz.

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