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19 September 2020 (saturday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Sport in the FACE-ek

On 12. of September 2020 have been organized our event called „Sport in the Face-ek” where the participants could try themselves separately and in teams. The most important is that the event proceeded with an Xbox Kinect so the participants only could use their body moves while the sports.

The first Nyíregyháza Picnic has came true

On 05 September 2020 were organized the first Köz-Pont Picnic of Nyíregyháza. The event’s purpose was that to be a day were a Picnic happens and where all of the old and new Köz-Pont/SZSZBGYIÖK young member feel happy and getting know each other casually.

Game Night or Játékest by the ESC volunteers form Nyíregyháza

Our ESC project performing volunteers organized a board game night in our Nyíregyháza office. Where also participated our fellow workers, student government members and other interested board game lovers.

We have planned the next period of KÖZ-Pont

We were holding successfully our usual annual planning weekend, which was attended by all our employees. The goal of the program was to evaluate the first half of 2020 and then plan for the next semester. During the weekend besides the working hours, there was also time to relax and get to know each other.

We started the summer with a succesfull Student Academy!

We are pleased to announce that, despite the uncertainties, we were able to re-organize the Student Academy, which is considered a tradition by our association. Our training took place between July 22-26. The accomodation was provided by the Dorcas campsite, which is located nearby Lake Vekeri in Debrecen.

The new HABIDISZ members were successfully elected

A total of 25 secondary and primary schools in Debrecen and Hajdú-Bihar county casted their votes online, thanks to which we were able to elect the new HABIDISZ board members, so they can already start their activities in the summer. There were also three invalid votes.

Online movie club? Yes!

On May 27th, our first online film club, called Online Movie Night, was successfully made. The participants had to watch an unusual, not so well known film. This was followed by a “roundtable” discussion. The communication was in English, as the participants were our foreign ESC volunteers from Debrecen.

Online conquest game organized by HABIDISZ

The Student Government Association of Hajdú-Bihar County doesn’t rest during the quarantine period either, the first online event they organized was a Conquest game. By now the student government officially has only ex-board members, but this was not an obstacle as most of them had already re-nominated themselves in April.

Another online quiz, this time about movies and series

As you may have read it before, our Association has been experimenting with organizing online events. On May 14th, we again organized a quiz afternoon where we asked questions about popular and lesser-known movies and series.

The topic of our conversation club was about movies and series

Our second online Conversation Club was succesfully organized on Monday. During the program we were using the Google Hangouts app. All four of our ESC volunteers from Debrecen, one trainee and three external participants were also present at the discussion.

Country music and universal bands on our international conversation club in Debrecen

On April 30th, our online event called the International Conversation Club was successfully made. On the international occasion, our Spanish, French and Transylvanian ESC volunteers were present, combined with other Turkish, French and Russian participants. The language of the conversation was in English and we were communicating through the Google Hangouts app.

Everyday life of our ESC volunteers in Debrecen - or volunteering under COVID-19

Our ESC volunteers stayed here in Hungary in this situation and they are trying to make the best of it. They are working on different online events and programs which is connected with their project.

Online quiz game with the HABIDISZ

Our association decided in early April to make online programs because of the current virus circumstances. One of our first events in Debrecen was an online quiz, to which we invited our local student government staff members. Our two Hungarian-speaking volunteers, three former HABIDISZ board members and one of our trainees also took part in Wednesday's program.

Film club organized by one of our Transylvanian volunteer

Laura Boldizsár, one of the Hungarian speaker volunteer of the ESC program in Debrecen, successfully managed her first solo project: a film club. The event took place on February 26 and was held in the Delta cinema room of the Újkert Community House, where everyone who was interested could come to watch the pre-selected movie.

HABIDISZ presents: VitakultÓra

On the afternoon of February 24, the members of the board of HABIDISZ organized a discussion afternoon for their contemporaries, which was hosted by the Újkert Community House in Debrecen. More than a dozen students attended the event. As part of the occasion called Debate Culture, young people were able to gain insight into the culture of debate.

Emotional intelligence development in two primary schools in Szolnok!

Emotional intelligence development sessions coordinated by the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association in Szolnok started at the Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School in Kassai út and at the Szandaszőlős Primary School and Primary School of Art. The event was performed in the SEL in Action project supported by Erasmus +, in the framework of which the children take part in classes aimed at EQ development in the first and fifth grades for 14 weeks. The educational material was based on the methodology of the Northern-Ireland Barnardo's organization, adapted by the National KID Association.

New foreign volunteers have come to our association

On January 14, the new ESC volunteers have arrived in Debrecen so the KÖZ-Pont team was expanded with three foreign young men. They came from Spain, Germany, and France and will be operating in our city until the end of September. They’ve been here for a month now, so they gained some experience and a pretty good cooperation started!

In Debrecen, the 12th Hajdú-Bihar County Christmas Sports Days were organized

This year, thanks to the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association and the Association of Hajdú-Bihar County Student Governments (HABIDISZ), as well as several county sports associations and other sponsors, the Hajdú-Bihar County Christmas Sports Days were held for the 12th time in Debrecen on December 11-13, 2019.

Success and Experiences at the 5th IKSZ Exchange in Szolnok

The IKSZ Exchange organized by the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association was held again this year, which took place on November 26, 2019 (Tuesday) between 10:00 and 16:00 at Szolnok Plaza. Our association also works as a host institution and coordinating organization in the field of School Community Service. Every year, nearly 300 young people complete school community service at our various partner organizations.

200 young people - 20 free places: results of this year's IKSZ Exchange in Debrecen

The 5th School Community Service Exchange in Debrecen was successfully performed. The event was held from 10:00 to 16:00 at the Riding School Cultural and Conference Center. The IKSZ Exchange in Debrecen was attended by more than 200 young people, who could get informed with 20 reception places during the day. In addition, in the afternoon we held a professional workshop on the operational framework of the school community service and the experiences of the implementation of IKSZ in practice. The event was supported by the EFOP-1.3.5-16-2016-00381 "Tiéd a Jövő" tender.

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