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26 November 2020 (thursday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Bowling and teambuilding in our office in Debrecen

As a part of the County Forum in November our fellow workers, youth leaders and our ESC volunteer Tímea from Debrecen were participated on a teambuilder occasion together. This time they didn’t have to escape from nowhere, but the fun didn’t go away either.

Photo competition is launching on the topic of volunteering

You like taking photographs? You have a good picture which is shows that what means the volunteering for You. Then don’t hesitate! Send your picture to us and win valuable prizes! The volunteering is a very important case. Doing good to others, it can charge you too. Show it together what a feeling to do good.

Saying goodbye to the Indian Summer with walking with a dog

October’s last day was a great occasion for our volunteers and the School Community Service performer youngsters to spend the month’s last weekend outdoor.

Halloween in the FACE-EK

The Halloween program in the FACEEK was exciting for the youngsters of Nyíregyháza. The participants have arrived to our community space of Nyíregyháza in creative costumes, but they couldn’t guess what awaits them during the evening.


The number of interested people in Bike Maffia has decreased in the last months, because of this they organized an event, where their aim is to recruit volunteering youngsters. We would like to draw your attention to this great opportunity, where you can give real for those who need it and you can be a member of a good team.

Halloween party with the KVDÖK

On October 26. the KVDÖK (Karcag City Student Government) organized a Halloween afternoon in the newly inaugurated about to open Karcagi Ifjúsági és Lurkó Iroda (KIFLI) (Youth Office). By the program a lot of youngster could get a taste about the future programs of the KIFLI, because on the event not just the KVDÖK members could participate.

A pleasant County workgroup meeting on Nyíregyháza

In 22. October 2020, we held a county workgroup meeting about a lot of county tasks accompanied by delicious teas in Nyíregyháza in the Luther Teahouse. Following the professional part, we have continued the afternoon with board games in the Luther, after in the Face-ek Office.

SZÍNtér exhibition in the KÖZ-Pont

On 20. October 2020 in the framework of the SZÍN-tér Cultural Programs competition achieved the “Szolnok az ejtőernyőzés történetében” (Szolnok in the history of the parachuting) intituled exhibition opening.

We were on a student day at a secondary school in Karcag

On 20. October 2020. were organized this year’s Varró Student day, where our Association helped in the conduction of the team competitions.

HABIDISZ communication training in Nagyrábé

But not at the original time, but at last successfully could achieve the Fellowship of Students’ Self-Government in Hajdú-Bihar County’s organized communication training in Nagyrábé, which’s date needed to be changed a few times by the organizers because of the epidemic situation.

Our new Transylvanian ESC volunteers have arrived to us

Antónia Makkai (Cluj-Napoca) and Tímea Kiss (Oradea) on Sunday (18.10.2020) our new ESC volunteers started their way to try their luck at our association in Hungary. Antónia is already got on the train in Kolozsvár, in a few hours Timi also joined to her in Nagyvárad.

The new ESC Volunteer to Nyíregyháza has arrived

Yesterday has arrived to us our new Hungarian speaker ESC volunteer Dorottya Demeter from Madéfalva in Romania. The European Union has created the European Solidarity Corps for that purpose to provide opportunities to the youth to take part in voluntary or professional project works in the interests of the community in their own country or in other countries.

The young people’s Friday night at the Odd Couple started with exciting tasks.

The youngsters gathered into the Community FACE's Youth Office and Community Space for that to measure themselves in couples in different creative and funny tasks.

IKSZ people in the SM donation shop

Sclerosis Multiplexes Betegek Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok Megyei Egyesülete opened the donation shop in 2019, where our School Community Service performers visit weekly and help in ordering the layout of the items in the shop.

Alexandre Trauner ART/FILM Festival

On 13. October 2020. (Tuesday) was began the ATAFF (Alexandre Trauner ART/Film Festival) on Szolnok. In the conducting of the event an IKSZ performer final grade student helped too.

The Reménysugár Gyermekotthon dressed in autumn colours

The School Community Service performer volunteers came with an exciting activity in autumn topic to the Reménysugár Gyermekotthon’s little residents.

7vége with staff members 2.0

Between 9-11 of October were organized in the work of the Children and Youth Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár- Bereg County the event called 7vége with staff members 2.0 and in its framework were also hold career guidance group sessions too.

Dog walking on a dewy Saturday

It couldn’t be missed either in October the one of the most popular School Community Service activity, the dog walking at the shelter of the Együtt az Állatokért Egyesület.

Újkert family harvest day

A really spectacular and cosy harvest day have come true at the foot of the sledge hill organized by the Újkerti Közösségi Ház. The program visitors could choose from several options.

We were on a professional trip in Nyíregyháza

We organized the Professional Trip in Nyíregyháza on 08. October 2020, where the Association’s student government members and the County of Heves Eötvös József Református Oktatási Központ’s students participated.

Crazy good team builder

The Centre Youth Association’s fellow workers from Debrecen and the Fellowship of Students’ Self-Government in Hajdú- Bihar County’s management were participated on a new escape room teambuilder. At this time, they had to get out from the captivity of “a crazy professor”.

The KVDÖK looking for board members!

The Karcag City Student Government announces a tender for Karcag’s primary school’s Upper grades and secondary school students. The purpose of the tender is to elect the full staff of the KVDÖK and work with it in the school year of 2020/2021.

The JNSZDÖK looking for board members!

The Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Student Self-Government announces a tender for Szolnok County’s primary school’s Upper grades and secondary school students. The purpose of the tender is to elect the full staff of the JNSZDÖK and work with it in the school year of 2020/2021.

HABIDISZ renewing election in the 2020/2021 school year

The HABIDISZ has arrived to a new board member election, namely 3 empty roles waiting to refill looking for applicants from the county’s primary and secondary schools’ students whose would like to strengthen the organization’s next year work.

We are in the public mentoring program too

The National Youth Council’s third Public Mentoring program has began, where the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association’s 2 student president one fellow worker and one ESC Volunteer were participated. The program first part was a three days long personal meeting was in Gárdony on the coast of the Velencei-Tó. Where our volunteers could participate in a lot of professional things.

Anna Lindh Foundation dispute online programs are started

The AFL Debate-Activity gives opportunity and it connects young people from European and southern Mediterranean countries to meet online and debate in different topics. The Centre Youth Association cooperating with organizations and universities began the participating on online trainings.

SZÍNtér Boardgame club on almost every Thursday

In the SZÍNtér Youth Office and Community Place in the online sphere spring, after in the summer in real space started Boardgame Club continues. In October on almost every Thursday between 16 and 18 we’re waiting for the youngsters and students whose interested in boardgames in our community place. The participation is free but it requiers a pre-registration. If you like the Activity, Dixit, Catan, Imagine, Uno, Gold-digger, or Santorini and many other games and you like these games mood here is your place.

Fabolous craft activity in the Reménysugár Orphanage.

In the end of September the real autumn has come, so in the Civilians Of Debrecen Program our co-workers and the School Volunteer Service performer students were made accordingly a new craft activity in this topic for the residents of the Reménysugár Orphanage.

New office, new opportunities

The Centre Youth Association’s forth community place coming soon in Karcag!! The Erste Ban Hungary furniture donation in these days with the courtesy of Trans-Sped Kft. has been arrived to our future office. We would like to thank both of our Snail Award-winner partners for their support and cooperation!

Sparkling sunshine and happy dogs waited for us in Debrecen

In the Civilians of Debrecen Volunteer Programme we were participated on the event of the "Együtt az Állatokért" Állatvédő Közhasznú Association where with a small headcount but with bigger enthusiasm our volunteers waited for to make happier the shelter’s dogs day.

National Student Forum

The National Youth Council 19. September 2020 on the National Student Forum the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Student Self-Government’s (JNSZDÖK) and the Children and Youth Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County’s (SZSZBGYIÖK) members represented the Association Student Governments on the event which is organized on Budapest.

Sport in the FACE-ek

On 12. of September 2020 have been organized our event called „Sport in the Face-ek” where the participants could try themselves separately and in teams. The most important is that the event proceeded with an Xbox Kinect so the participants only could use their body moves while the sports.

The first Nyíregyháza Picnic has came true

On 05 September 2020 were organized the first Köz-Pont Picnic of Nyíregyháza. The event’s purpose was that to be a day were a Picnic happens and where all of the old and new Köz-Pont/SZSZBGYIÖK young member feel happy and getting know each other casually.

Game Night or Játékest by the ESC volunteers form Nyíregyháza

Our ESC project performing volunteers organized a board game night in our Nyíregyháza office. Where also participated our fellow workers, student government members and other interested board game lovers.

Career orientation group session In Nyíregyháza

You don’t know what would you like to deal with after school? What kind of profession fits to you? Would you like to know, what is the youth people’s opinion about themselves? Come to our group session and you can get the answers to your questions.

We have planned the next period of KÖZ-Pont

We were holding successfully our usual annual planning weekend, which was attended by all our employees. The goal of the program was to evaluate the first half of 2020 and then plan for the next semester. During the weekend besides the working hours, there was also time to relax and get to know each other.

We started the summer with a succesfull Student Academy!

We are pleased to announce that, despite the uncertainties, we were able to re-organize the Student Academy, which is considered a tradition by our association. Our training took place between July 22-26. The accomodation was provided by the Dorcas campsite, which is located nearby Lake Vekeri in Debrecen.

The new HABIDISZ members were successfully elected

A total of 25 secondary and primary schools in Debrecen and Hajdú-Bihar county casted their votes online, thanks to which we were able to elect the new HABIDISZ board members, so they can already start their activities in the summer. There were also three invalid votes.

Online movie club? Yes!

On May 27th, our first online film club, called Online Movie Night, was successfully made. The participants had to watch an unusual, not so well known film. This was followed by a “roundtable” discussion. The communication was in English, as the participants were our foreign ESC volunteers from Debrecen.

Online conquest game organized by HABIDISZ

The Student Government Association of Hajdú-Bihar County doesn’t rest during the quarantine period either, the first online event they organized was a Conquest game. By now the student government officially has only ex-board members, but this was not an obstacle as most of them had already re-nominated themselves in April.

Another online quiz, this time about movies and series

As you may have read it before, our Association has been experimenting with organizing online events. On May 14th, we again organized a quiz afternoon where we asked questions about popular and lesser-known movies and series.

The topic of our conversation club was about movies and series

Our second online Conversation Club was succesfully organized on Monday. During the program we were using the Google Hangouts app. All four of our ESC volunteers from Debrecen, one trainee and three external participants were also present at the discussion.

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