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8 February 2023 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Two new international volunteers arrived to Nyíregyháza

In the middle of January two new international volunteers arrived to our Association to Nyíregyháza in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps project.

SZSZBGYIÖK Staff Meeting

On 19. January the management of the SZSZBGYIÖK held 2023’s first staff meeting.

Visitors came from Iserlohn

Our kind partner from Nyíregyháza, the Mustárház Youth Information and Advice Office organised a youth exchange which’s one of a stop was our Association and its county student self-government the Children and Youth Student Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County.

The Open Café continues!

The popular Open Café series will continue in 2023!

Newer fundraising by the HABIDISZ

The Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County stood behind an important matter again.

SZSZBGYIÖK’s first management meeting

The SZSZBGYIÖK held its first management meeting in the Labor Café on 9 th January 2023.

The HABIDISZ met with the SZAMEDT

On 2. January 2023 the Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County (HABIDISZ) visited the Szatmár Couty Hungarian Student Council (SZAMEDT). Thanks to the visit the older connection got renewed between each other.

The School Community Service performer students did activities in December either

In the last month of the year four activities implemented in the framework of the Civilians of Debrecen Volunteer Program (DECI).

Creative workshop – where we help you implement your ideas!

Would you like to make unique gift for your family, friends and loved ones? We help you in this! Here at the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association, you can make a mug and badge with a unique inscription, pattern, after consultation. Also, we help you to the making of creative materials, posters, postcards, certificates, yearbooks.

Christmas in Nyíregyháza

Our traditional Christmas party couldn't be missed this year either which got organized on 17th of december.

Fundraising in December by the SZSZBGYIÖK

The SZSZBGYIÖK set a great goal for their flag which was to collect donations for the Family Transitional Home of Nyíregyháza Child Welfare Primary Care Institution.

Christmas in the Debrecen office

This year didn’t go without activities, a lot of work, program, training, experience we have behind our back. All of this we finished with a christmas program where we waited for our guests with tea, cookies and with hot chocolate.

Escape rooms for Arany students again

On the 14th of December, students of the Arany János Secondary, Primary School and Dorm visited us to try out our escape rooms.

The HABIDISZ delivered out the collected donations

Between November 14 and December 01. we delivered the donations which we collected during the fundraising action to two target organizations.

SZSZBGYIÖK staff member meeting in the Széchenyi

On 6 th of December the SZSZBGYIÖK’s management held the staff member meeting of December in the Széchenyi István Technical School and Dorm of Nyíregyházi SZC.

Three escape rooms in one

On 5 th of December a class of the Arany János Secondary, Primary School and Dorm visited us for 3 free escape rooms, in the framework of the School Community Service Fair’s giveaway.

Association forum and General meeting

The Centre Youth Association does its activities at 5 locations, in 3 counties and in two cities. Everybody does their own work at their own locations but we take time from time to time to all of the colleagues gather together for a personal meeting.

Christmas is in the Centre!

The Christmas season started and naturally our Association is also organising its traditional Christmas celebration.

Fundraising organised by the HABIDISZ

With the beginning of the holidays the youth leaders thought that they would help other children and students.

The HABIDISZ organises a fundraising

The Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County (HABIDISZ) organises its Christmas fundraising campaign between November 14 and December 1.

We are looking for young people to our European Solidarity Corps project

Our Association is participating in one of the European Union’s volunteering projects which’s main target are the youth in the European Solidarity Corps. Now we are looking for young people who speaks Hungarian as mother tongue and no Hungarian speakers.

Student Mayor election in Miskolc

On 30. November 2022 got organised in Miskolc the Student Mayor election in the City Hall’s General Meeting room, which was implemented by the Miskolc City Student Self-Government and the Centre Youth Association.

Community Participation Strengthening capacity developer program

The Civilizáció coalition with the support of the Sigrid Rausing Trust announced a capacity developer program for Hungarian civil organizations to strengthen of settlements’ community participation and through this for the development of the civilian society.

We organised a Civil Tea house in Debrecen

On 28. November in Monday afternoon several active civil organization representatives of Debrecen came to our Tea house.

DECI activity at the animal shelter

On 26. November, on Saturday with a few students we visited the animal shelter of Debrecen in the framework of the Civilians of Debrecen Volunteer Program.

The Nyíregyháza Office of the Student Mayor met with the HABIDISZ

The Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County (HABIDISZ) and the Nyíregyháza Student-Mayor Office (DPI) youngsters sit together twice to get to know each other and build connections.

Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Sports Days

The Centre Youth Association and the Children and Youth Student Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg organised this year too the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Sports Days between 23-25. of November in Nyíregyháza

Training in the Kreatív by the HABIDISZ and the Association in Debrecen

The Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County (HABIDISZ) got an asking from the student self-government members of the Kreatív Technical School of SZC Debrecen to hold a training for them in the topic of the team building.

We held a teacher teahouse in Debrecen

On the 21th of November on Monday afternoon in Debrecen several school’s student self-government and School Community Service teachers came to our tea house.

7end with the staff members in Nyíregyháza

The two days long program called Weekend with the staff members program happened in the Bessenyei Hotel on 19-20 November 2022.

Extraordinary General Meeting in November Nyíregyháza

The extraordinary general meeting on 17.11.2022 was organised in the Community FACES Youth and Community Space which on the students of the county schools participated attentionally and active.

ESC Volunteer arrived to Debrecen

On the 14th of november, another volunteer, Barbara Ceccorulli arrived to our Association within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps project.

County forum in Debrecen again

In the weekend the Hajdú-Bihar County team had a forum occasion together. The day is going as the usual.

VII. County Sports Days in Karcag

The VII. County Sports Days implemented in Karcag. In 2022 the County sports days organised between 10-11 November in the Karcag City Sports Hall.

Scary event in the FACES

On October 29 th got organised the traditional Halloween party which is implemented by the Children and Youth Student Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County and by the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space.

County Forum in Debrecen

The time of our county forum has also arrived in October. This time our county team spends a day with common acquainting, training and having fun.

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