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28 November 2021 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Creative workshop – where we help you realize our ideas!

Would you like to make unique gift for your family, friends and loved ones? We help you in this! Here at the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association, you can make a mug and badge with a unique inscription, pattern, after consultation. Also, we help you to the making of creative materials, posters, postcards, certificates, yearbooks.

The 20th birthday ceremony

We would like to invite you in this way to the Centre Youth Association’s, with older name the Association for the City Student Self-Government 20 th birthday ceremony. We would like to remember with you together to the past period to the elapsed time to the beautiful memories. We hope that because of this you can come to our event.

The Centre Youth Association was also present at the job fair

On 27th of October 2021. traditionally the next job fair and career day was hold in the main building of the University of Debrecen which was postponed last year because of the epidemiological situation.

In the name of the 20th birthday – Interview with Bálgea Jánosné

We did an interview with one of the Snail Awarded Mother of the Year awarded by our Association who’s 3 children also work at the Centre. In the interview with Bálega Jánosné we can see that, how a parent sees the Centre. In the future we will do other interviews with more Association people too, read those too.

Career guidance occasion in the Dózsa György Primary School in Debrecen

One of the co-workers of the The Centre Youth Association, also one of the ESC volunteers before the autumn break are visited the Dózsa György Primary School in the framework of a career guidance day where they held a little occasion for the fifth-grade students.

A sunny autumn acorn collecting

On 19 th of October on Tuesday, on a beautiful sunny autumn afternoon an ESC volunteer and some young students helped to collect acorn for the Nyírerdő Zft.

In the centre on the Foreign Exchange too

On October 14 2021. the DEHÖK University Student Foreign Affairs Committee organized with the 23th time the Foreign Exchange on the University of Debrecen’s first floor hall.

Financial Taboo in the Mu Theatre of Budapest

On 12 th of October to satisfy the request of the ERSTE Bank, we have brought our Financial Taboo boardgame into the Mu Theatre, where following the theatre play called Sorsjegy (lottery ticket) the youngsters could try out themselves on the territory of Finance too.

The HABIDISZ held a training weekend for the staff members called STÁBor

Between 8th-10th of October the HABIDISZ held theirs first STÁBor event.

Poland – Open Café Training

Between October 4-8 were organize the Open Café training in Rzeszów, in Poland. From the Association four people participated in the training, the same number came from Spain and Portugal. From the Polish organization, the INPRO the vice-president of the Association and three other international volunteers were present.

Our ESC volunteers teach in the schools of Debrecen

Our three volunteers in Debrecen, Samantha Pessognelli, Julie Douillet and Maja Cyron have started autumn at full blast.

Our ESC volunteers of Nyíregyháza are teaching

With the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year the foreign volunteers are started their work too in several primary and secondary schools too in Nyíregyháza. Fitting to their project they are giving language lessons in several schools.

VII. Carpathian Basin Civilian Conference

On 5 th of October 2021 were organized the VII. Carpathian Basin Civilian Conference, for which Lajosmize served as its venue.

County Student Ball in Szolnok

In the organizing of the JNSZDÖK and with the collaboration of the Centre Youth Association on 2th of October now got organized it with the second time the long-awaited student ball in Szolnok in the ballroom of the County Hall. The ball, which attracted approximately 150 participants got the fantasy name Under Greenery, because of the autumn theme.

XIV. County Student Forum Debrecen

This year, the Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County held the inaugural general assembly called the XIV. County Student Forum.

County Student Forum in Szolnok

On 29 th of September on Wednesday got organize the County Student Forum. On the event the county’s primary and secondary school students, also the student governments’ delegates participated with the accompany of the student work helper teachers.

City Student Forum in Karcag

On 28 th of September in the organize of the KVDÖK and our Association the Karcag City Student Forum have been organized once again.

The youth department of the Mosolyvirág Nagycsaládosok Association on Community Building

On 27 th of September 11 youngsters are participated on an extraordinary afternoon. The event’s implementer were the Centre Youth Association’s co-worker of Debrecen and its volunteer from Transylvania, who are put together their thematic with consultation with the Mosolyvirág.

We are saying goodbye to our volunteer, Samantha!

One of our volunteers in Debrecen, Samantha is ending her project in October, that’s why we organised a goodbye party for her at the 28th of September 2021 in Sheldon’s.

„Szabolcsi Szívügyek” event in September

The SZSZBGYIÖK in September is invited the brave teams to a city adventure game. The event held the name “Szabolcsi Szívügyek” (Heart matters of Szabolcs) of course not accidentally. The teams fortunately could play in a beautiful autumn afternoon.

Portugal – Open Café

At the end of September, the two days long training in connection with the Open Café was held in Porto, Portugal. On this training more in it where words about the program’s background works.

County Student Parliament in Nyíregyháza

The County Student Parliament was organized on 22th of September 2021 in the room of Bessenyei in the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Local Government Office, where the schools in the County are participated attentively and actively.

Our 2 new ESC volunteers of Nyíregyháza have arrived to us

In September of 2021 our 2 new ESC volunteers are arrived to us to Nyíregyháza at last, to help improve the language skills of local young people. All of this in schools’ classrooms also with providing a lot of opportunities.

Presentation about Poland for the Multicultural Families Association

On the 18th of September 2021. (saturday) our volunteer, Maja Cyron gave a presentation at one of the churches of the Reformed Congregation for the members of the Multicultural Families Association.

They were acting in the Csökkentlátók elder nursing home

After a long omission we went again to the Csökkentlátók elder nursing home to hold a handcrafting occasion. A co-worker of Debrecen, an ESC volunteer, also a school community service performer student were go to the nursing home on a wonderful day of September.

The Terrain marathon started again in the autumn

In this year the Terrain marathon was organized for the second time in Debrecen, at this time the autumn version.


The HABIDISZ organized a Secret Agent topic city treasure hunting event in Debrecen. There was a plan long time ago of the HABIDISZ leadership team to organize and implement a city treasure hunting.

ESC volunteer’s program in Nyíregyháza

In the early of September an event got organized by Our Transylvania ESC volunteer Simon Tímea in Nyíregyháza, where out of the co-workers, ESC volunteers, and the youngsters of the SZSZBGYIÖK were participated.

In the name of the 20th birthday – Interview with Gábor Dombóvári

We did an interview with one of the Association’s nice partner Gábor Dombóvári. In the interview with Gábor we could get a little insight to the partnerships and cooperation’ opportunities, also we could get know that, how a partner of ours sees the Centre. In the future we will do other interviews with more Association people too, read those too.

The HABIDISZ helped in the implementation of the Sclerosis Multiplex Day

On 5 th of September, on Sunday the leadership members and staff members of the Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County helped in the implementation of the Sclerosis Multiplex Day.

More than 200 joint moments

On 4 th of September, on Saturday the Centre Youth Association’s volunteers helped to implement the event called More than 200 joint moments which organized by the Great Church of Debrecen.

XVIII. Civil Kavalkád in Szolnok

On September 4th were organized again the XVIII. Civil Kavalkád in Szolnok. The event with huge success provides space for different kinds of organizations and institutions to the civilians could get know their works and make it more popular between them.

Association Picnic in Nyíregyháza

On 4 th of September were organized again our event which can be considered as traditional the Association Picnic in Nyíregyháza.

The first Family Day in Szolnok was organized in August

The visitors of the family day which held on 29 th of August could choose from many programs and activities, because there were face drawing, multitude of boardgames, water balloon competition, handcraft corner, x-box, and table tennis too. In addition, delicious sandwiches, coffee and tea waited the visitors of the Karcag office, the KIFLI. Our ESC volunteers, KVDÖK, JNSZDÖK, also the HABIDISZ’s student government members helped the implementation of the event too.

In August a new event was implemented in the organization of the SZSZBGYIÖK

Their program called Summer Closing took place on Saturday, August 28th. The youngsters came to the event with nice numbers and the participants could have perfect relaxation, afternoon with a lot of experiences.

Our film club is implemented once again in Szolnok

On 27 th of August, in Friday afternoon in the organizing of the JNSZDÖK the almost traditional film club was held again with accompany of popcorn smell, good atmosphere and excited waiting.

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