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5300 Karcag, Városudvar 1.
22 September 2023 (friday)

Gyulavári Attila Zsolt has become acquainted with student government in primary school and at the age of 18 he has joined to the Association as a volunteer. While secondary school he was a leader of the Student Union Federation of Hajdú-Bihar County for 2 years. In 2011 he has finished his studies in the Perfekt Trade School and Technical College's sport organiser and -manager faculty, and he continued his studies at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Debrecen. Currently he is the president of the Association since August of 2017 and the coordinator of the high priority events. He was the regional coordinator of the Northern Hungarian Plain in the KÖZÖD! Programme in years 2010 and 2011. He learnt truly in the Association what is the meaning of teamwork, helping people and dealing with people. He learned lots of things year by year, which things, he's very proud of , and for his work the Association chose him as The Volunteer of 2009.
His motto: "Sport teaches you how to win fairly, or loose with head errect. Therefore sport teaches us everything." Ernest Hemingway
E-mail: | Telefon: +36 30 718 8644

Baracskai Lilla, studied at the Universit of Debrecen and at the ELTE University as a social worker. At first time she contact with the association as a trainee in 2014. She worked as a human resources, after network program coordinator. Currently she is our vice-president as a volunteer. Besides, she worked as a voluntary at the Great church in Debrecen for years and she was leading also a youth group. She started to like here the activity of organisers and deal with children and youth. This greatly contributed to the profession, where she appoint similar goal for herself. She always tries to be positive. It is very important for her to be with her family, friends so when she has freetime she hangs out with them, but she likes to ride a bike and watch movies as well.
Motto:”Live it.”
E-mail: | Telefon: +36 30 643 7001

Kulcsár-Czibere Éva graduated in Berettyóújfalu in 2010. During her secondary school studies she took part in the life of the student government and in the organizing of the events of the student hostel. In that time started she’s orientation to the communication course. In 2013 she finished her studies at the University of Debrecen on Communication and Media Course as an institutional commucator. After that she worked with children as an animator and babysitter. So sitting back to the school desk she graduated as a nursemaid on the University of Debrecen Faculty of Child and Adult Education. She worked in communities in every time. To be a useful member of the team, and to work in creative tasks is important for her. In her free time she does sports and she spends time with her friends and family. Currently she works as a vice-president.
Her motto: “Live so you aren’t noticed where you are, but you are missed from where you go away!”
E-mail: | Telefon: +36 30 949 7588

Bálega János got acquainted with the student government and civil life as a secondary school student. He was an active contributor to establishment of several informal youth groups. He is one of the founding members of the Association and he was the president for eight years, currently he is the strategic and Hajdú-Bihar county’s workgroup leader. He he was active in other NGOs as a volunteer, and as regional coordinator and programme-coordinator. In his professionalism, he is the most proud of his creativity and problem-solving skills. Out of the Association, he has been teaching at the University of Debrecen for several years and he was an instructor of the Ferenc Medgyessy Secondary and Artistic School. He is active in the fields if the youth on local and national level, he was a board member of the Youth Round-Table of Nyíregyháza, the Youth and Cultural Round-Board leader of Szolnok, also he was a board member of the National Youth Council and he was a co-chair of the Hungarian Association of Youth Service Providers. He likes to spend his spare time mostly with his family, wife, two sons and friends, in addition he loves travelling and watching films.
His motto: „We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” – (Mother Teresa)
E-mail: | Telefon: +36 30 718 8649

Dobó Anna studied at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Debrecen from where she got her BA and MA degree is sociology. Currently, she is pursuing PhD studies at the Doctoral School of Human Sciences of the same university. Her main research interests are international migration processes and related acculturation strategies. During her university internships, she got acquainted with and involved in the activities of several local NGOs. She mostly participated in programmes that assessed and supported the local integration of foreign participants. She joined to the association as an international leader. In her free time she likes reading, traveling and getting to know new cultures. Moreover, she likes visiting art exhibitions.
Her motto: Love is not just a verb. It’s you looking in the mirror. (Kendrick Lamar)
E-mail: | Telefon: +36 30 525 2499

Keszti Éva was the student of University of Szolnok, as a junior clerk she had worked to a Non-Govermental Association,which closely cooparated with the Cities Student Goverment Association. In this way she got to know with the Association and with the volunteer job.Finally she did not become an economist,but she has never minded it. Her heart pushs her nearer to that direction where she could help to other people. Since that time, special education assistant and habilitation dog trainer proffesions she got. Currently she is working at a Helperdog Trainer Foundation next to the Association. She is not a lonely type,she likes working in a team, new things, meeting with new people. And she likes seeing that she does useful things for the others. She was network program assistant, later network program coordinator, currently she is contributor.
Her Motto:” One candle is losing nothing from its light,if we are lighting another with it.”
E-mail: | Telefon: +36 30 462 9395

Klenovszky Dóra graduated in June of 2015 as a Sport Organizer in University of Debrecen. During her studies she was volunteer in different kind of world and Europe championships. Her first experience as a volunteer was in the Europe Swimming Champion in Debrecen in 2012. In her free time she likes running, riding a bike, going trips and spending her time with friends. Her goal is to complete a medical and sports masseur course in the future.
Her motto: “Quiet people have the loudest minds.” (Stephen Hawking)
E-mail: | Telefon: +36 30 903 6135

Berecz Gábor has bachelor degree in history-Hungarian language, also completed an OKJ course on tourism specialization. He has met with the volunteering by the Association and he have participated in several events too. He really loves to read, do some sport, also meet with new people and situations.
His motto: “The people are fairies… Young fairies” (Magda Szabó)
E-mail: | Telefon: +36 30 718 8643

E-mail: | Telefon: +36 30 732 2303

Gáll Mátyás has graduated in Nyíregyháza in 2019 and got in touch with the Association in the same year. He first joined them in 2020, as the coordinator of the international volunteers and then he began his studies at the University of Debrecen. At the age of 21, he joined to the Debrecen team of the Association and started his work there. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with animals or participating in several programs with his friends.
E-mail: | Telefon: +36 70 656 5854

E-mail: | Telefon: +36 30 755 2201

Korláth Márk finished his studies in the Sipkay Barna Vocational School on catering tourism. He acquainted with the Association in 2015. After this he joined to the SZSZBGYIÖK as a staff member then as a management member. He loves to get new connections and friends. He likes to do photography on hobby level and he likes to do sports. He considers himself as a responsible and confident person who to that isn’t a problem to solve the problems and he takes easily the obstacles too. Currently he is the Miskolc City Student Self Government’s coordinator.
His motto: “Everybody can reach something if they try it with enough force.” (Stephen Hawking)
E-mail: | Telefon: +36 30 296 2979

E-mail: | Telefon: +36 30 306 1532

Venkli Virág came from the romanian Érmihályfalva as an international volunteer. She finished her studies at the Nagyvárad’s Szent László Roman Catholic Theological High School on faculty of roman theology. She were participate in some events. She were the president of the student council for 3 years in her secondary school and member of some of charitable and youth groups. Her element of existence is the music the acting the ballroom dance and the reading and the watching of series. She is open, sentimentalist, philanthropist, helpful girl who loves to make people laugh and sneak some humour to the grey weekdays. The most important for is her family and friends who she wants to spend most of her time. Currently she is the adult supporter of the HABIDISZ as a fellow worker of the Association.
Her motto: „If you are not interesting for someone, as you are, don’t be in otherwise.” (Laura Leiner)
E-mail: | Telefon: +36 30 718 8645

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