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Emmanuelle Berger comes from Toulouse, in the South of France. She is 27 years old and has studied accounting for five years. After two years working as an accountant in an accounting firm, she decided to leave this field which did not correspond to her. She always wanted to go to many other countries to learn new languages and have new professional and human experiences. She started her adventure with an internship in a company giving language courses in Barcelona (Spain) for a month and a half in 2021. Then she volunteered for a year at a Franco-German school in Heidelberg, in the West of Germany. Wanting to continue her human and linguistic adventure, she found the ESC opportunity. Being able to teach her language, sharing the love of intercultural encounters and actively participating in the European community are her driving forces for her months of volunteering with the association here in Debrecen. What she likes most is practicing yoga, doing manual activities, reading, listening to music and going out with her friends. At first, she can be a little bit shy and quiet, but once she knows you she can be very open. She believes that in everyone there are riches and wonders, through our culture, our life experiences and our personality.
Her motto: "Everything is possible for the one who believes." (Unknown)
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Pierre Delattre comes from Serques, in the far north France. He is 21 years old and have studied many things in university but didn’t find what pleased him in school. So, he decided to find an ESC opportunity to gain experience, meet peoples, learn a new language and discover a new country by his history and culture. He lived with his parents and his dog in a little town without more than 1 600 inhabitants. The ESC project really motivate him, he really want to help the young people of Magyarorszàg to learn English and French that way they will be able to communicate with a lot more people in other countries. Pierre like to listen to music, hike, read, play videogames and really enjoy spending time with his friends. He want to improve himself through this opportunity by opening his mind to new things that he could not experience by staying in his country all his life.
His motto: "I can undertake and persevere even without hope of success." (Jules Verne)
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Tuef Panna comes from Romania, from a small town called Érmihályfalva. She is currently 18 years old and has just finished her studies. She started her secondary school studies in Érmihályfalva and after 2 years she decided to change. She finished her last two years in Oradea, in the Ady Endre Secondary School where she lived in a dormitory. Before continuing her studies, she decided to become an ESC volunteer for 11 months, as it is a great opportunity to become independent, meet new people, be around young people and even work with them. Last but not least, because of her Hungarian origin and mother tongue, she would like to get to know Hungary.
His motto: "No risk, no story" (Kunal Shah)
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