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5 December 2022 (monday)


Friendship Day with the HABIDISZ

On July 19 the program called Friendship Day was organised by the HABIDISZ during this the friends could get know better each other and deepen their relationship.

Interview with Edina Tóth

We made an interview with Edina Tóth who was a volunteer through our Association in England.

We row in the same boat – debate camp

Between 11-14 of July more of the HABIDISZ and the JNSZDÖK’s youngsters were participate in the debate camp which organised by the Foundation for Democratic Youth (DIA) in Agárd next to the Velence lake.

Program in July at the JNSZDÖK

The JNSZDÖK organised a program called “Just another round” on 9 th July 2022.

We did handcraft with the residents of the Saint Matróna home

On 6 th of June on Wednesday we have visited the residents of Saint Matróna’s by the Civilians of Debrecen Volunteer Program.

DECI activity on the playground of Máltai

On 05 th of July, on Tuesday we did handcraft with kids on the Máltai playground in the framework of the Civilians of Debrecen Volunteer Program.

3 Days Long Forum Miskolc

On the first weekend of July the Association held a Regional Forum. On the forum the colleagues were participate we gathered together in Miskolc. The program lasted 3 days. During this time there were time for work and common rest either.

MIDÖK in the Centre

The current Miskolc City Student Self-Government (MIDÖK) operates since 2021. October. Its main purpose is to represent the contemporaries’ interests in front of the decision makers, with initiatives to achieve that it’s good to live in Miskolc as a young person, thus increasing the holding power of the city.

Water battle with full of water bombs with the HABIDISZ

On 29 th June on Wednesday afternoon the Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County (HABIDISZ) organised a Summer Starter Water Battle in the Kerekestelepi Thermal Spa and Camping.

Competition afternoon in the FACEs

On 28 th of June interested ones could participate in a competition afternoon who likes the movie, music quizzes and different kind of brain gym games.

We have tasted the Italian culture

On 28 th June 2022 were organised in Debrecen the Italian Day. On a hot summer day more young people came to the program which held by Cecilia Frego.

Come and get to know the Italian culture better

If its summer, then programs. Where somewhere other than the KÖZ-Pont a great event is in preparation in Debrecen.

Summer Starter Banzai

On 26th of June the Children and Youth Student Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County started the summer with a youth event in the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space.

Family Day in Derecske

On the 25th of June, our Association participated and assisted the City Day in Derecske.

Student Academy of 2022 got ended

Between 20-24 of June were the Student Academy in the yurt camp of Létavértes.

Children Camp in the FACES

On 20-21.06.2022 two days of a children camp’s implemented in our youth office of Nyíregyháza in the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space. In the camp 17 kids were participate.

Irodathlon sports day in the FACES

On 18.06.2022 on Saturday got implemented the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space’s first sports day which in the participants could compete in our youth office’s sports opportunity in teams of 2 people.

Our office of Debrecen was renewed

The team of Hajdú-Bihar County did a forum again. This time the program was to refresh the office of Debrecen.

City Treasure hunt in Karcag

The Karcag City Student Self-Government (KVDÖK) on 17 th of June 2022 organised a free time activity for Karcag City’s students with the title of City Treasure Hunt.

Implementation of students' projects in a school in Debrecen

On the 16th of June, the community budget of the Ferenc Medgyessy High School, Art and Technical School was presented in the American Corner in Debrecen. The project was implemented by the Alternative Communities Association together with K-Monitor and the students of the school.

We did handcraft with addicts in June either

On 14th and 16 th of June we visited the BTESZ Day Institute of Addicts’ two location.

Escape rooms on the Móra's students' day

On June 14th our youth office set out with 3 escape rooms to the students' day of the Móra Ferenc Primary School's.

Second part of the Effekteam workshop in Budapest!

On 9th of June, a workshop called “Responsible Community Investments” took place in Budapest, at the Hungarian Headquarters of Vodafone for the second time.

Children and Family Day in the Józsai Community House in June

On June 4 on Saturday were organised the Children and Family Day in June by the Józsai Community House.

Effekteam Workshop in Budapest

On the 2nd of June, in Budapest, at the headquarters of UniCreditbank, a representative of our Association participated in a Workshop called Responsible Community Investments.

Students from Fehérgyarmat were in our Escape rooms

On June 1st we held some escape rooms for the students of the Ferenc Deák Primary, Secondary School and Dorm of Fehérgyarmat.

Interview with Karolina Gudor

We made an interview with Karolina Gudor who will begin her European Solidarity Corps service through our Association in Germany.

Youth research in Karcag

The Centre Youth Association and the Erzsébet Youth Fund and the Municipality of Karcag City doing a youth research in cooperation.

We have moved out to the children’s day of the primary school of Nyírmártonfalva

On May 27 we moved out with two escape rooms to the children’s day to make this day more colourful to the children in the Primary School of Nyírmártonfalva which is in Hajdú-Bihar County.

We held a Tea House to the Teachers Assisting Student Work

On Thursday afternoon, May 26, in Debrecen several student government helper teachers of Hajdú Bihar county’s primary and secondary schools.

Workshop in Budapest

On the 24th of May, a workshop called „In the Footsteps of Our Followers” was organized by the MagNet Bank in the MagNet Community House in Budapest.

The Open Café is finished

The event series of the Open Café has been closed on May 23. Many young people participated on the last event.

Closing event in Püspökladány organized by AKE

The Alternative Communities Association has been organizing their project for more than 4 years, with the aim of helping to strengthen the Non Governmental Organizations of the Northern Great Plain Region through its announced tenders.

Our volunteers helped the International Nordic Walking event in Debrecen

In the framework of the Civilians of Debrecen Volunteer Program our volunteers and the School Community Service performer students helped in the implementation of the event on May 21.

Family Day in Sóstó

Our office the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space held a Family Day at the playground’s park side of the Szódaház street.

NIT Delegate Assemble

On 21th of May 2022. was held the National Youth Council’s first delegate assemble of the year in the European Youth Centre of Budapest.

Training day in Nyíregyháza

In Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space those students who wanted to get down a little deeper in the subject of the self knowledge could participate in in a newer training.

Children's Day in Harangod

On a Saturday, the 14th of May, we assisted the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta in organizing the Children's Day in Harangod.

Our project called KULTÚR-KÖZ-PONT” is closed

In the framework of the Széchenyi 2020 got implemented the project called ,,KULTÚR-KÖZ-PONT” identification number: TOP-7.1.1-16-H-ESZA-2020-02021 which closed on April 30 2022.

This year’s first General Meeting

This year’s first general meeting of the Centre Youth Association took place on May 20 chaired by Attila Zsolt Gyulavári.

Meeting of County delegates

On 6 th of May 2022 the National Youth Council held its delegates meeting in the European Youth Centre of Budapest.

The Youth220! program has begun

In May 2022, the National Youth Council launched its long-organized training with the title “Youth 220! We'll shake it!”.

This year’s management of HABIDISZ held their first big program

On May 18 Wednesday a film club were organised in the Újkerti Community House by the Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County (HABIDISZ).

Volunteer management training in Nyíregyháza

On May 18 was implemented the Volunteer management training in Nyíregyháza.

City Dormitory Students’ Day on the NEFAG

This year was organised again for the Szolnok City Dormitory’s residents the Student’s Day, which was held at the NEFAG Wood’s playground. Among the outdoor programs there were donut eating competition, water bomb duel, treasure hunt and many other things either.

We did handcraft with addicts in May

On May 17th and 19 th we visited the BTESZ Addicts’ Day Institute’s two locations.

Extraordinary general meeting of May in Nyíregyháza

The extraordinary general meeting of May was organised on 17.05.2022 in the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space where the county’s schools’ students participated very carefully and actively.

General Meeting in Szolnok

On May 17 th was a newer successful general meeting in Szolnok, where on approximately 50 people participated from 14 schools.

We held a tea house for the School Community Service coordinator teachers

On Monday afternoon, May 16, several teachers from Hajdú-Bihar County’s Secondary Schools IKSZ coordinator teachers came to our tea house in Debrecen.


On May 14 th on Saturday with the start 13:30 got organised the JNSZDÖK’s program called staBBQ staff team builder program in Rákóczifalva thanks to the RÁISZ’s collaboration.

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