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22 July 2017 (saturday)


Spanish Conversation Club in Debrecen by our EVS volunteers!

The spanish EVS Volunteers of Centre Youth Association are organising spanish conversation clubs during summer!
Let's join to us even if you are absolutely begginer or you've already studied spanish!
If you would like to learn a new language or practice your knowledge informal way and you would like to meet new people during it come to our clubs!

The Volunteer Festival has been cancelled

Unfortunately, in this year the Volunteer Festival has been cancelled. Thanks for the schools and the support of OFI in the program’s preparation. We hope, we can organize the Volunteer Festival in the next school year succesfully after this year’s experiences. The voluntary activities which were planned in the event will be organised later. During summertime we will organise more voluntary activities, we will have local School Community Service events in Debrecen and Nyíregyháza.

The Run in the Light Sport and Family day in Debrecen filled again

On 30th of May 2015 was organized again, The Run in the Light Sport and family Day between 10 am 6 pm in the Decathlon Store’s parkingplace by Centre Youth Association . The aim of the program was that healthy and handicapped peoplecould be together. They could join that kind of family program, and organising an event where they can be together with their healthy mates.

This year we organized the Run in the light in Nyíregyháza

The program was carried out with a tradition creater aim. Nearly 400 person took part in this event. The visitors could try many things for example handicrafting, sport and facepainting programs. We could not also leave out the running race and the joy-running from the program, of course. Here, the handicapped and healthy people could run together, helping to each other, in equality and acceptance.

The two County Student Governments were estabilished

The youthleaders of Hajdú-Bihar County Self-Studentgoverment and the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Children and Youth Government were in a 1 and half day long team building in Hajdúnánás. The youth leaders were elected by a secret election in this year by the schools representatives. The aim of the program were that the youth should get to know each other better and later be ready to work in a group.

Students of School Community Service were in the animal shelter

In April, we were in the animal shelter with the Students of School Community Service. The youngsters take part in a training before the program where they discussed about what they have topay attention and how the program will go. The activity’s main aim was that the high school students should study to be responsible owners and animal defence topic.

Movieclub and Exhibition in the Office of Debrecen

Filmclub weekend: We kept a special movieclub weekend, where sports got the mainrole. Both two movies based on a true story. Our movie of Saturday was the Peaceful warrior. The movie was directed by Dan Millman’s autobiographic book. It was interesting and thought provoking .After the movie we had a nice time discussing about. It was really thought provoking , with a lot to say. Our movie of Sunday was the Rush . The movie brought us back to the Golden age of Formula 1. 6 people watched the movie, we had again that kind of visitors who haven’t been in our other kind of program. I hope the „tradition” will continue in the future.

Spring events in the FACE-ek Office and Community Space

Lela our Georgian volunteer kept EVS introducing club where she had spoke some words about EVS and she introduced her land, Georgia, their tradition ,their habbits, and about their history. The AFS Hungary sub-office of Nyíregyháza holded in our office a training and introduction about there Association. In to the event 25 people came, also students and teachers from Nyíregyháza.

Events in the Office of Debrecen

Loránd Kovács the 16 years old student of Debrecen photo exhibition were able to see. The exhibition were openned by János Bálega, who spoke about the Association and the programs of the Association in the near future shortly then he gave the words to Loránd. He introduced his pictures to the participants of the event. The mood of the event was really cool.

Community life in the Office of Nyíregyháza

In the Community FACE-ek Youth Office and Community Space people can join for different events. On Gameclub the participants could get to know with the game called Hadbenz. As the part of the exhibition we could saw Anita Demeter (Folk leatherwright), Roland Miski (Potter) and Kincső Szakady ( Feltmaker) the opened exhabition of their work.The Exhibition was opened by Mihály Vetró the Folk Handcrafting, Trade School and Studenthotel of Nádudvar’s artistic leader and the school’s Folk Handcraft Feltmaker technicalteacher, the Folkart youth master openned it.

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