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26 May 2019 (sunday)


We organised the 14th Summer Youth Festival in this year

The Summer Youth Festival (Nyári Ifjúsági Fesztivál - NYIF) has been already organised for several year by our Association, the County Student Self-Governments of the Association and the local Student Self Governments. The goal of the NYIF beside the entertaining is to give opportunity the talented youth to show themselves even if they are doing arts, dancing or singing. We wants to give this possibility to more and more youngsters that is why we are organised it in this year as well.

NYIF was organised in seven city:

May 28. - Debrecen - Fuss a Fényben (Run in the Light)
June 10. - Hajdúdorog
June 13. - Hajdúnánás
June 14. - Hajdúböszörmény
June 15. - Berettyóújfalu
June 17. - Püspökladány
June 18. - Derecske
June 19. - Hajdúszoboszló


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