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26 May 2019 (sunday)


Results of our Volunteer Festival

We organised the Volunteer Festival between 2016.07.21-25. which was an intercultural program in this year. The Hungarian participants have come across the borders as well: Transylvania, Slovakia, Serbia. During the week our volunteers tried out different kind of volunteer programs and above all they can also spent their time with entertaining programs.

During the festival the youngsters helped in the local animal shelter, they collected garbage in the Nyír forest and they also made food for homelesses with the Bikemaffia. We also helped the Children day of the Reménysugár Children home. In this occassion 250 children could take part making handicrafts, playing games and they could also get facepaintings by our volunteers.

We call this program "Festival" because it is also important for us to organise entertaining programs. So our volunteers could spend the evenings with playing games, taking part in intercultural programs, and we also organised a folk dance night and World Café (where they spoke about volunteering).


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