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26 May 2019 (sunday)


ASK - Academy of Students by KÖZ-Pont

For the Centre Youth Association it was always important to give possibility to the youth to develope themselves by getting experiences, trying out themselves and paritcipating in different courses. The "ASK" Academy is a good example for these courses. We organised it between 2016.06.27-07.01. in Debrecen. Our participates came from Hungary and also from Transylvania.

The idea of the Academy has come from last year when two of our youth leaders of SZSZBGYIÖK (Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Student Self-Government) found out a program which is for youth leaders of Transylvania and Hungarian youngsters who can meet, change their experiences and learn from eachother.

Because this idea we organised the Student Academy. The program of it has changed a bit: it has become more professional.

So the goal of the Student Academy is developing in the Student Self-Government. We invited several specialist in this topic who made presentations in the language of the youngsters. After these the participants could take part in courses and workshops which were in contact with the topic of presentation and they could use and practice what they already learn in each day.
Everyday we finished together: we spoke about what did they learn and what was their best moments and experiences.

Of course there was possibility to relax too: in our accomodation Camp of Kerekestelep they can use the Bath of Kerekestelep every day.


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