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17 August 2022 (wednesday)


Our foreign volunteer got richer with a Snail award

After a few years, we had that honour we could give the 2021-year Snail Award to our ESC volunteer the Volunteer of the Year award.

Joele Damonte is a 19 years old Italian volunteer has arrived to us in February 2021. to his 1 year long ESC project which’s purpose was to develop the local youngsters’ language knowledge and language skills. During his 12 months he spent here he learnt a lot about the Hungarian culture, about people, about himself and the world. In addition to the teaching online and in personal way he participated in many other activities for example organise own event, figure out and managing escape room, implementing youth camps, helping at large events like County Sports Days, organising on other events.

Joele deserved his Volunteer of the Year Award for his active, persistent extensive work at us.

At the end we said goodbye to him and to other 3 ESC volunteer mates of his on the bye-bye party organised for them for thanking them for their work. Joele with the end of the project after the youth exchange called Level App he will travel to home on February 7. to Italy to Diano Castello.

Thanks again in this way to him the lot of work, and that he strengthened the Association’s community also he distributed the fame of the Association among the local youngsters and other organisations and other foreign youngsters.


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