Address: 14 6/33 Darabos St. Debrecen 4026
Phone: +36 30 277 4696 every day between 10-17 hours
4026 Debrecen, Péterfia street 18. (Debrecen Plaza I. floor)
4400 Nyíregyháza, Bocskai street 25.
5000 Szolnok, Ady Endre street 28/A (Szolnok Plaza I. floor)
5300 Karcag, Városudvar 1.
17 August 2022 (wednesday)


Open Café Debrecen

In Debrecen the event series called Open Café opened its gates again to those people who are like to get acquaint with foreign youngsters and get know other cultures.

The first occasion like this implemented on 28 th of March in the Telekom Kraftlab where a lot of youth appeared. Young people came from a lot of parts of the world who are students, final year students or volunteers in the city of Debrecen. The first occasion was held by Cecilia, who is an Italian volunteer.

Everybody loved those games which she prepared with.


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