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17 August 2022 (wednesday)


Our youngsters are recited the National Song

The members of the HABIDISZ celebrated the 15 th March not in a usual way.

By the way of the feast our partner the Talentum Foundation thought one and it decided that it shares the commemoration with people who are living far from here. They looked for 6 organisations, the HABIDISZ to help them in this. They asked them for that to recite the National Song in front of their city’s sights separately, but still together.

The youngsters of Debrecen are received the asking with pleasure. In front of the Great Church, they recited their part of the poem’s. In the recite 6 cities’ youth, Budapest, Gyula, Debrecen, Székesfehérvár, Szeged and Esztergom were participated. Every team had one-one verses which were became to one in the joint video. After this the video started its way to get to the Hungarian communities in different points of the world.

We hope that this little gift could arrive to a lot of people and they received it with love as prepared by the young people living here.

Check here the video:


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