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5300 Karcag, Városudvar 1.
17 August 2022 (wednesday)


Preparation for Easter with DECI

We have held an Easter handcrafting occasion in the BTESZ Sick people with Addition’s Day Institute.

On April 5 and 7 we were in the BTESZ Sick people with Addition’s Day Institute, where we created postcard, also rabbits in creative way attuned to the Easter.

Both of the times spent in a good mood, the clients are participated actively in the occupation, there were people who are created postcard getting to others pleasure with this.

On May 17 and 19 we visited them, so if you would like to volunteer while this try out your creativity, or to perform the 50 hours of School Community Service, then ask us boldly at the email address on the 0630/718-8645 phone number or on Facebook, Instagram pages.


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