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25 April 2019 (thursday)

Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Volunteering

Our Association has operated Civilians Volunteers of Debrecen Program since 2006. The goal of the program is to give possibility to get experience in joy of volunteer activity for youth, and young adults in Debrecen and Hajdú-Bihar county to . We take adventurous volunteers into who would like to try themselves in charity and they also would like to develop their abilities by informal studies. We organise various activities in several area. We are cooperating with 11 institution and organisation. Civilians Volunteers of Debrecen Program won the Volunteer Program of the Year Prize in 2010 and in 2011 it won the National Volunteer Program of the Year Prize of Volunteer Center Foundation (Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány). It is really important for several company to be present in the local community life and giving help them to develop by volunteer work. Our association can make and manage CSR conceptions and organise casual volunteer programs professionally.


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